Team members from AgriTourism South Africa who visit the farms of our members, will rate the farm according to our own grading system. This will offer potential visitors an objective view of the farm with a rating that can be compared between farms, according to the visitor’s requirements and expectations.

The 5 aspects that will be rated are:
  • Accommodation: will only be rated if accommodation is offered on the farm itself.
  • Safety: a big consideration in modern day South Africa. What measures are in place to make visitors feel safe during their visit to the farm.
  • Leisure activities: the number of leisure activities such as hiking, cycling, fishing, birding, swimming etc that visitors can enjoy on the farm, and the quality of these activities.
  • Farm activities: actual farm activities that visitors can observe or participate in.
  • Value for money: overall value relative to the cost involved to visit the farm.

The rating will be a value from 1 to 5 with the following reasons for a specific value:

Rating Explanation
circle1  Unacceptable. Did not meet expectations. Facilities and services are not acceptable. The facility or service  requires major improvements to bring this resort up to standard.
circle2  Basic quality. Definitely requires additional improvements to the facilities and services before reaching an  acceptable standard.
circle3  Good. A good and acceptable quality noted in the overall standard. Minor improvements may still be needed  to the facilities and services on offer.
circle4  Excellent. A very good quality in the overall standard. Almost no improvements are necessary to the facilities  and services on offer.
circle5  Outstanding. Brilliant quality where the farm has exceeded the expectations of the visitor by going beyond the  call of duty.

The date during which the grading was done will be indicated so that visitors can see how recent or relevant the rating is.

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