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The AASA was established to promote sustainable rural development in South Africa by creating an environment in which farmers and rural communities can coordinate and implement Agritourism campaigns. Without limiting the general nature thereof, the Main Objective shall include:

  1. Empowering farmers and rural communities to collaborate to promote Agritourism and Agritourism routes.
  2. Promoting Agritourism to national and international tourists with the aim of benefiting the rural economy.
  3. Cultivating a sustainable Agritourism environment through liaison and co­ operation with key stakeholders within the business environment, tourism bodies and government.
  4. Creating relevant and accessible Agritourism intelligence to support viable network of Agritourism participants.


  1. Agritourism applies to working farms.
  2. Agritourism includes any tourism activity on a farm, providing the farm is in a generally accessible, safe environment.
  3. No entry signs on the farm must be clearly demarcated for safety reasons.
  4. No racism, sexism or religious intolerance is to be allowed by the farmer or farm workers towards visitors/tourists.
  5. First Aid Kits must be available at all times.
  6. Clean and well maintained indoor and outdoor resting places for visitors/tourists must be provided. This includes water and ablution facilities.
  7. The farm must be well signposted.
  8. The structure of the accommodation (if provided) must be sound and in good condition.
  9. Recycling is encouraged.
  10. Water saving initiatives by the farmers are encouraged.
  11. Authenticity of the Agritourism product is important.
  12. A peaceful environment is important.