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Experience agriculture in one of the most fertile countries in Africa....

Zamag Tours & Safaris are experienced Tour Operators/Ground Handlers in both agricultural tours and Safaris within Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Tanzania and have hosted groups from all over the world. We have a team of agricultural experts and have been operating tours for past 25 years.
Field Excellent soils and good rainfall combine to give Zambia great agricultural possibilities, with the world looking to it to become the maize belt of Africa. More than maize though, Zambia’s fertile lands allow a diverse range of agriculture: beef, maize, tobacco, soyas, wheat, dairy, coffee, sugar, paprika, game farming , export flowers and horticulture.
…at the hands of people who know it

In addition Zamag runs agricultural tours into Tanzania. This country's is agriculture development is increasing and our visits include trips to coffee, avocado pear, flower, sugar and black berry farms. No trip is complete without visiting the famous Sereneti National Park or the Ngorogoro Crater.

We also go to Botswana. Groups are taken to visit the Pandamatenga farm block bordering the Chobe National Park. Here the commercial farmers are growing rain fed sorghum, millet, cowpeas, sunflowers on black cotton soils. The crops are grown for the local Botswana Market. under a new government, this country once the Bread Basket of Africa is now making plans to get the country agriculture back on its feet. Zamag will start taking groups back into Zimbabwe to visit farms.

Your ATOI member hosts, Ian and Daphne Lindsay at Zamag, have been running agricultural tours for over 20 years (in Zimbabwe and now Zambia), taking guests to farms we have visited and know well. And at every farm you’re given a warm welcome: Zambian farmers are always delighted to meet colleagues from overseas.

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