The hotel was the brain-child of Pieter Silberbauer and his business partner Johannes Matthewson. After spending over 25 successful years in the house building business together they were looking for a dramatic change that allowed them to work closer to home.


Pieter, himself a mountain biking enthusiast, saw that their factory was ideally situated for outdoor and fitness buffs who want to explore the Overberg and, inspired by bike hotels he’d seen in Holland and Japan, decided that it was exactly what the community needed. Although he and Johannes were experienced house builders and could easily tackle the renovation work, Pieter quickly realised that he needed help to ensure that the hotel delivered exactly what athletes, both pro and amateur, would expect.

Cue his neighbour, Dr Chad Gordon. Chad, A chiropractor by trade, Chad has been part of the multi sport since the age of 19. After many successful triathlons, he has re-focussed on trail running over the past few years and he is still winning races. He has a passion for health and nutrition and was an ideal candidate to advise Pieter and Johannes as to how to cater for those who love the adventure sport scene. With Chad on board the vision for Trail’s End was able to be truly realised.

Our Vision

Our goal is for the hotel to become a global destination for adventure enthusiasts, and beyond that, a place where local meets world, ideas are shared and solutions are found. As active members of the Grabouw community, we are fully aware of the challenges our town – like so many in South Africa – faces and we are excited to think that Trail’s End could play a significant part uniting the local community through sport as well as providing much needed jobs as it contributes to building the local tourism industry. Mens sana in corpore sano.



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Farm Visit Review

Farm: TrailsEnd - Grabouw Date of visit: 13 - 14 Feb 2018
Aspect Notes
        Accommodation TrailsEnd is a pioneering concept in South Africa. The rooms are relatively small, but comfortable, clean, and luxurious for an adventure destination. Some visitors may ask for an airconditioner and maybe a hairdryer in the room. The meals menu has limited but sufficient options for all tastes.
        Safety Inside the hotel, one feels as safe as in Fort Knox. The premises are guarded with a sliding gate with remote access control. At night the courtyard and hotel are locked. Non-obtrusive glass burglar bars are on all the windows. Rooms can be locked and lockers are available for personal items.
        Leisure activities This is the reason why you would want to visit TrailsEnd! Mountain biking in the surrounding areas is the dominating activity, but there are enough to keep you busy at the hotel. This includes swimming, pilates and yoga, a wellness centre, library, games, table tennis, and more.
        Farm activities Trailsend itself is not a farm. However, visitors get the opportunity to ride on neighbouring farms (mostly fruit farms) and observe its activities throughout the year.
        Value for money Great concept which will appeal to mountain bike cyclists looking for good accommodation, in a beautiful location, with multiple options to explore trails that were made famous with major events such as the Cape Epic and the Whales-to-Wines.
Visited by: Johan Rothmann