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Videos for Members, owned and managed by Johan Rothmann, can produce a promotional video for any member of Agritourism South Africa.


Filming will be done on location over a period of one to three days, depending on the nature of your operation. An extensive shoot will be planned with your input, to ensure that all your offerings and activities are covered in the video. With your permission, and where applicable, a drone can also be used to do aerial filming of your business.

A voice-over script will be compiled and applied to the video with an appropriate voice artist. Background music will also be included in the video to provide a professional promotional video.


The production of a video as described above is included in the benefits of paid-up AgriTourism South Africa members. You will only be responsible for the travel and accommodation expenses for Johan to get to your location and back to his office.
This includes accommodation and meals for 2 people for maximum 3 nights, plus travel expenses from Somerset West, Western Cape, (or closer should Johan be visiting you as part of a pre-arranged schedule) to your premises and back. If you cannot provide meals, an additional charge of R300 per day will be added. Travel could be by air, rental cars, or Johan’s own vehicle at a rate of R3.00 per kilometer.

An exact costing will be provided and 50% deposit will be required not later than 14 days before the filming is due to start. The remaining cost will be payable once the final version of the video is approved.


Editing all the bits and pieces into a professional video with a duration of 5 to 10 minutes will take approximately 10 business days after filming, and after Johan returned to his office. Once the video is completed, verified, and approved by the member and AgriTourism, it will be published on all the AgriTourism South Africa’s digital channels. This include the website, Facebook, and Youtube. You will be informed when and where and are free to include links to the video in your own promotional material and social media.

Should your membership with AgriTourism South Africa ends for whatever reason, the video and links to the video will be removed from all AgriTourism’s digital channels.


A subtle, digital watermark of AgriTourism South Africa will appear in a corner through-out the video. Copyright of the video belongs to, the branding entity that Johan uses to produce his videos.
This means the video does not become your property, but it is available to you for as long as you are a paid-up member of AgriTourism South Africa.

You are free to negotiate different arrangements directly with Johan and


To discuss the production of your video, contact Johan directly:

Tel: (021) 855-5159
Mobile: 084 580 4000